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Digital Marketing in Japan

Japanese companies in this recent time still prefer to use traditional method of marketing, thus making them far way behind the digital age. These companies still use marketing kits such as but not limited to magazines and flyers. Most of them do not heavily invest in digital marketing which requires significant amount of time and especially money. It does not affect them since their companies keeps on growing and undeniably getting continuous profits.

The digital transformation efforts will be a long term process but will become one of necessities anytime soon. Many of the Japanese companies show interest in entering new markets and motives to expand not just domestically but internationally. This will encourage them to enhance and elevate their marketing strategies by converting or at least consider the digital world.

Entering the digital world can largely benefit them to communicate well with foreign consumers. One example is having a website displaying their services or products with an English translation. They can also make online payments to make it more convenient. Lead generation is also done digitally and can make it easier to approach business and consumers. Another is by creating a video advertisement which can also promote their brands in different social media platforms that is being widely used by people around the world.       

Digital marketing in the Japanese market has a high potential to be in demand in the next couple of years. Japan is the third largest consumer market that will mostly stay on top and can undeniably expand quickly.

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