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Japan’s Daily Life: Effects of COVID-19

The effects of COVID-19 in Japan’s Daily Life— When tourist visits Japan, the first thing that they will notice is how clean and hygienic Japanese are. It is said that the Japanese life is full of precautions. Good hygiene is good health; therefore, the coronavirus pandemic did not change much of their daily lives.

Japanese use hand sanitizers or alcohols, wear masks, and maintain cleanliness all the time. They are also very obedient in terms of government policies. They took precautionary measures and stayed home even before government declared a health emergency.

An interview with a soft engineer named Ahmad stated that “People felt like the anti-virus measures were already part of their routine and continued their lives but there has been less mobility since the outbreak started,”

City Life to Countryside

More Japanese are thinking of moving from urban to rural areas. This is just one of the effects of the coronavirus that comes in their minds. To avoid crowded places, to seclude themselves might be a better plan to be safe.

A resident from Tokyo mentioned in an article published by Deutsche Welle, “I was thinking of escaping to one of the islands south of Tokyo and setting up a small hotel that catered to foreign visitors,” He is considering this idea and has been encouraged by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Impact of the Outbreak

The KYODO News released some updates and highlights in regards to the coronavirus safety and precautions:

As of 11 p.m., Saturday, June 13 (Japan time)

In addition, Japan enforced measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. One of these is denying entry of travelers from 111 countries and regions for the safety of the whole country.

The coronavirus might not affect much of Japan’s daily life but there are changes that is happening and are about to happen. The health damage is relatively low but the economic and social damage is significantly high.

As of today, there are 18,110 total cases with recoveries of 16, 320 and fatality of 968. Active cases is 822 and 58 are in serious condition. For live updates, click here.

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