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Digital Transformation: Everything You Need To Know

Digital Transformation 101

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology in all aspects of the business and by doing this, fundamentally changing the way the business operates and the way it provides value to its clients.

5 Social Trends Driving Digital Transformation
1. Most shoppers look online for purchases.
2. Customers are shopping more omni channel than ever.
3. Most shoppers seek instant-purchase gratification.
4. Many brands need an online presence to show value.
5. Most of today’s work is done online.

The 5 Elements of Digital Transformation
1. Integrating digital tech.
2. Improving customer experience.
3. Modernizing company culture.
4. Focusing on core business needs
5. Strategizing based on tech/digital landscapes.

Digitize to Survive
1. Most companies have an online presence.
2. Most brick and mortar stores have built online shops.
3. Many small businesses have moved to online-only storefronts.


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