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SEO: Expectation vs Reality

SEO: Expectation vs. Reality

Many business owners wants to get positive outcome on a one-time SEO investment but in reality, SEO process does not happen overnight. It takes time to produce results, requires effort, and may still not generate a good outcome if not properly established.

Fast and Quick SEO Process 

One main goal of SEO is ranking highly in search engines.

An article from SunCity Advising indicated, “It is common for individuals with minimal SEO experience to believe achieving a high SERP (search engine results page) ranking is simple; that it is merely tweaking their website, and watching their position rank in a top three spot overnight for relevant keywords.

Unfortunately, high rankings can rarely be obtained in such a small amount of time—especially with minimal effort put into SEO. For example, conducting extensive keyword research is an absolute necessity if you want your website to rank highly for specific words and phrases. Keywords research is not as easy as typing words relevant to your niche in Google’s search bar and identifying what suggestions appear first.”

One-time Investment

“Search engine optimization is a long-term investment for your business. Although you might see an uptick in traffic after just a few months, that does not mean that it will continue without a sustained effort.

The continuous monitoring of traffic, optimization of new pages, addition of new content, and building of authority are all required for successful search engine optimization. Making a one-time investment and expecting it to produce long-term results is a common SEO mistake. In reality, investment must be sustained in order for it to produce results.

Some business owners may be put off by the idea of investing in SEO over the long-run. However, search engine optimization is actually much more cost-effective than PPC (paid ads), especially for highly competitive industries” says Guillermon Bravo.

More Traffic = More Sales

Another statement from an article by Foot Traffic says “Just because your SEO strategy is successful in driving traffic to your website doesn’t necessarily mean that traffic will result in sales or revenue. How you manage this traffic and how successfully you can push it down the marketing funnel will determine how valuable it really is.

In order for traffic to convert into sales, the leads generated by organic search traffic must be nurtured. Data shows that, when leads are nurtured correctly, search engine optimization has the best lead-to-customer rate of all inbound marketing channels.

A good way to figure out if your leads are actually getting somewhere is by tracking conversions. Tracking when and how leads are converting on your website can give you a better idea of how your SEO is really performing, and how it can be improved in order to actually generate more conversions and grow revenue.”


It will always require significant and sustained investment of time, effort, commitment, and resources to be on the top rank.

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