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Top 3 Marketing Strategies To Help Your Business Grow: Japanese Market

There are many different types of marketing strategies that are designed to achieve different goals. You might wonder what will actually work best for your business. Below are the marketing strategies that might help your business grow.

1. Be authentic and Incorporate Culture

According to an article from Jtb Communication Design, “Japanese marketing strategies are built around staying true to your own culture… By embracing your own culture, you can enhance your marketing by attracting an international audience to your events in the same way. Getting a large, international audience to attend promotional events is the most effective way to market your product or business to possible clients from around the world. ”

Also, to connect with consumers, you have to learn and speak their language especially if you’re a foreigner. It is a legal requirement to contain some Japanese in even if it is a foreign advertisement.

“For example, KitKat’s localized Japanese name – “Kitto Katto” – sounds like “Kitto Katsu,” an inspirational Japanese phrase that means “you will surely succeed.” The brand capitalizes on this by releasing a special exam season product each year. The strategy is so successful that it’s now an annual tradition with 50% of students receiving KitKat bars as motivational gifts before university entry exams begin.

KitKat also created over 300 limited-edition varieties (like wasabi and melon). Some of these are seasonal, but others are unique to specific Japanese regions. They’re based on the fruits and food from specific areas and aren’t necessarily found elsewhere.

KitKat’s limited-edition strategy builds hype for the brand. Its regional localization, meanwhile, establishes an emotional connection with Japanese consumers. The result has made KitKat one of Japan’s favorite products.” –Wordbank

2. Updated Technology System | Advertising

The generation today is already into modern technologies including mobiles and computers.

In addition, “Despite being a bit behind the Western world on social media, Japan is now making huge advancements when it comes to social media marketing. This ever-changing form of marketing has really taken off in the last few years and has quickly become an integral part of its marketing strategies. It’s the most efficient way to reach a larger audience, making it a powerful form of international marketing…” as mentioned in Jtb Communcation Design article.

However, avoiding print like magazines and newspapers is one of the disadvantages. You also have to consider the avid paper readers particularly the seniors in Japan.

3. Build Relationships

“Relationships are important in business—especially in Japan, where individuals are defined by their social context. Business cards are exchanged at the meeting to establish identity and connection. You will need to build relationships with your Japanese counterparts: get to know your team which will consist of interpreters, translators, copywriters, and other experts. It’s unlikely you’ll achieve your goals without the buy-in from these local point people. Consider reaching out to affiliate marketers, too, to increase awareness with influential thought leaders.” stated Matt Schneiderman.


In order for a business to win the hearts of the consumers, it is always best to consider many types of marketing strategies. These are just some of the strategies that you might have to consider. There are still a lot and by reading and researching, that would actually help you choose what’s best for your business.


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