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5 Facts About Lead Generation

One main objective of any business is acquiring leads. Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. But you know what? Lead generation is one of the biggest challenges in any business. With that being said, many companies spend a huge amount of money just to generate leads. It’s definitely hard to find prospects and could take a lot of time and effort.

With the help of Digital Marketing services just like Shourai Ltd., it becomes easier and more convenient for business owners to let these agencies handle it.

Most small businesses or start-ups would prefer to try generating leads by themselves and that’s okay! Here are some of the facts that could help you motivate and get more ideas about Lead Generation.

The first three important facts are from one of the articles of The Social Media monthly.

1. Leads No Longer Come Uneducated

Once upon a time, prospective buyers relied on sales reps to have their questions answered. Today, the abundance of information online has led to a situation where they knock on a vendor’s door with a pretty good idea of what they want. As Forrester found through one of its surveys, 74% of B2B buyers had more than half of their research online before signing a purchase contract. A similar development is observed in the B2C space, where digital platforms have empowered consumers.

With so much noise online, buyers are increasingly ignoring marketing messages and opting for research of their own. Faced with such a situation, companies are starting to realize that their lead generation strategies must revolve around building trust and getting buyers interested before they even consider a purchase.


2. Every Online Effort Counts

While a corporate website remains the pillar of online presence, it can no longer support the full weight of lead generation efforts. That said, websites should be exploited to the max, seizing every opportunity for lead generation. This means, among other things, detailed contact information, prominent and frequent display of lead generation forms, use of pictures and videos, and inclusion of customer testimonials.

Attractive website design is also essential, as is high-quality content. Relevant and informative content plays a crucial role in the pay per click and search engine marketing campaigns. Together with email marketing and search engine optimization, these are among the most effective lead generation methods.


3. Traditional Methods Remain Powerful

Web and mobile channels may have taken priority in lead generation campaigns, but that’s not to say traditional methods should be cast aside. Trade shows, executive events, industry conferences, and telemarketing remain powerful tools for lead generation, but many vendors fail to utilize them in full.”


4. Generation Z is the best target.

In the modern world today, the new generation, or what we call Generation Z is much more active and updated with the new trends all over the world. It is still good to do your research and make sure not to disregard the older generation as well if it applies to your products or services.


5. Lead Generation is a never-ending process.

One thing vendors should remember is that lead generation is a never-ending process. It needs to be constantly monitored and refined so that companies can see what works and what fails.


If you are a small business owner or a start-up, it is always best to try it first but when things never go right, sometimes outsourcing lead generation is best to get the best leads for the right cost per acquisition.

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