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What Would the World Look Like Without Marketing?

Have you ever thought about what would the world look like without marketing? Living today is a paradise compared to what the world has in the 17th century where there are not many resources yet and the word and ideas of ‘marketing’ did not yet begin.

Ashley Saenz of Prezi explained that many things would have changed and that the world would be totally different.

“Marketing is the business of promoting and selling products or services which include market research and advertising” she added.

Without Marketing there would be….

  • No Brands
  • Finding a specific product would be impossible
  • Unsure of what products are used for
  • Extra costs on things like toll numbers or visiting a website
  • Nothing would be tailored to the needs of the people
  • There would be no competition
  • Companies wouldn’t have loyal customers
  • There would be no growth in sales

In the future, there would be no brands

  • Since there is no way to market products brands wouldn’t exist
  • Online shopping wouldn’t be a thing because searching for a product would be impossible
  • Without being able to advertise products on TV or through anything, everything product would be considered the same to others
  • Companies can’t create names for themselves and have loyal customers without brand names

In the future, there would be no Competition

  • There would be a way for companies to have healthy competition
  • Small businesses wouldn’t exist because larger companies would be able to sell for less
  • Also, marketing helps keep pricing competitive for a business
  • Companies won’t be able to differentiate their product from others which would ruin a business

Without Marketing everything would be expensive

  • Marketing helps keep things low cost and/ or free
  • Without marketing, there would be no Commercials on the radio or TV
  • Without Commercials there would be no way to pay for the programming
  • People would have to pay not just for the cable company but to watch shows
  • The prices of things like magazines and events would be very expensive due to no form of advertising that would either be in the magazine or sponsor the event
  • If you wanted to go on a company’s website you would need to pay and any more information about a company you want to be mailed would cost money instead of the usual free brochure
  • Also requesting more information wouldn’t be easy because there would be no more free 1-800 numbers, instead, you would be charged for any calls

Without Marketing there wouldn’t be new and improved products

  • Without marketing, there wouldn’t be updated products
  • Companies would just make whats easiest to make
  • Wouldn’t see the problems from the customers perspective
  • They wouldn’t know what the people want
  • Companies wouldn’t know when to distribute the right product to the right customer at the right time

A World Without Marketing

  • In general, a world without marketing would result in the economy collapsing
  • Sales would crash and companies would have to close
  • Brands wouldn’t exist
  • All the things people are accustomed to will change completely

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