SEO Optimization

Onsite, technical, outreach

As search marketing becomes ever more expensive and the volume of search engine queries migrates to apps and aggregator sites, organic marketing or search engine optimization becomes ever more important. 85% of users generally click on organic results in Google and Bin

Google, Facebook/Meta, Instagram, Youtube, Yahoo, Rakuten, Amazon

Connect to your ideal audience through paid social ads. Paid social is an intensely competitive, yet essential place to be. Through paid advertising, your business can reach almost any potential customer. We’ll help you reach them!

Content Marketing

SNS, Blogging, Email, Press release

Content is what drives human interaction. We’ll help you build real, emotional connections with your audience. That’s how you build customer loyalty. That’s how you sell.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook/Meta, Instagram, Youtube, LINE

Don’t have the time to run your social media accounts? No problem, let one of our professionals engage in your audiences and generate more leads for your business. We cover all the major Social Media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, LINE etc.

If you’re interested to hear how we’re able to do a

310% ROI in 3 months for an eCommerce store or

325% ~ 544% increase in monthly traffic within 4 months

on average for our clients, we can explore how we’ll be able to do the same for you.

Influencer Marketing

Instagram, Youtube, TikTok

When starting a campaign, we take a deep dive into your brand, audience, and industry to help you work with the best influencers and create compelling content that resonates with your core audience.

Lead Generation

Cold Email, LinkedIn, Landing Pages

We have achieved amazing results for our clients’ teams, enabling them to reduce the cost of customer acquisition, increase sales and dramatically improve return on investment from online paid media. We cut through the hyperbole and spin of the murky world of paid digital media to ensure you get maximum value for every yen, euro or dollar that you spend.

Market research

Quantitative, Qualitative, surveys, interviews

Our insights help brands across the world to make better decisions, giving them the confidence to stride ahead with a deeper understanding of the Japanese market, customers and culture.

Online Marketplaces

Rakuten, Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Ebay

If you want to expand your eCommerce business in Japan, online marketplaces are a must. Selling on (more) marketplaces will help you diversify your sales channels, providing you with more opportunities as well as options in the event of adversities with your own web shop.

We are very confident in our service and performance and to prove it we have 2 great offers.

⚡ a 1-month money-back guarantee

⚡ or we work for free after 3 months until we reach an initial target KPI.

(note: limited slots & conditions apply)

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